Your old stove is on its last legs? Will you need to replace it soon? An induction range may be the solution for you. The benefits: saving time and energy and eating well.

Induction cooking uses electromagnetic fields to produce heat. Under the glass-ceramic cooking plate, an electric circuit flows through induction coils. An electromagnetic field forms around the windings and heats the metal cookware when it touches the surface.

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Many benefits

Induction ranges are more expensive to buy and if your cookware is not made of ferrous metals, you may need to buy new pots and pans.

However, it is worth the investment. In fact, the induction cooking plate uses 15% to 20% less electricity than the electrical resistance plate for the following reasons:

  • It limits heat loss because only the metal surface heats up.

  • It reduces cooking time considerably. It only takes a few seconds to boil water!

In addition to helping you save electricity, the induction range has the following advantages:

  • It’s easy to clean: the plate has no grooves and any food that falls on the surface won’t burn.

  • People are much less likely to burn themselves because the area around the metal cookware remains cool.

Reference: Induction range

Save money and energy

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