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Company at a glance

Hydro‑Québec generates, transmits and distributes electricity. The largest power utility in Canada and a major player in the global hydropower industry, Hydro‑Québec also operates a vast high-voltage transmission system. Its sole shareholder is the Québec government.

Electricity sales: 210.8 TWh,
including 35.6 TWh of exports

About Hydro-Québec

A grid with impressive geography

Founded in 1944, Hydro‑Québec made an early decision to take advantage of the province’s hydrography—3% of the planet’s freshwater resources—to fulfill its public service mission.

History of Hydro-Québec

Because Québec’s hydropower potential is concentrated in the northern part of the province, while the bulk of the population is in the south, the company had to meet two immense challenges. First, building huge hydropower projects in remote areas, where temperatures can drop to -40°C. And second, deploying a transmission system extending over 34,300 km (21,000 mi.). This two-fold constraint forced it to innovate and produce remarkable feats of engineering.

Today, the Hydro‑Québec grid delivers reliable electricity to over four million Québec customers and exports huge amounts of power to wholesale markets in the northeastern United States and neighboring Canadian provinces.

Electricity exports

Key figures* (2021)

Total assets: $82.7 billion

Net income: $3.56 billion

Energy portfolio: more than 99% renewable

3,900 MW of wind power
on the grid

34,802 km of high-voltage lines

Québec market: 4.45 million customers

Generating capacity: 37,248 MW

Total workforce: 21,168 employees

15 interconnections

Residential rate: 7.39¢/kWh(lowest in North America)

*Financial data expressed in Canadian dollars.