Important Notices

Reminder of the importance of Hydro‑Québec suppliers’ obligations with regard to their subcontractors

We would like to reiterate the importance of Hydro‑Québec suppliers’ obligations regarding their subcontractors. These obligations are set out in the contracts awarded, namely in the “Management of work and services” condition under the general or special conditions.

When required by a tender call, bids must include a list of the bidders’ subcontractors as well as the work that will be assigned to them. Once a contract is awarded, any change must be authorized by Hydro‑Québec prior to the subcontracted work or services, as stipulated in the general conditions.

Failing to disclose information in a timely fashion regarding the subcontractors and employees who will carry out the contracts, or providing any false or misleading statement in this regard, is strictly prohibited in accordance with Hydro‑Québec’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

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