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Hydro-Québec wants to spur technological and business development by getting involved in the critical steps. We want to stimulate interventions downstream of research and development (R&D) and upstream of commercialization.

We offer financial assistance to customers who want to test the technical or commercial viability of innovative energy-saving or power demand optimization measures.

Your project must propose measures to acquire technological and business data and demonstrate the benefits and business relevance of these measures.

The proposed technologies and strategies must offer:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • An interesting market potential for Québec

Program benefits

  • See your project become profitable more quickly.
  • Help make the company more competitive.
  • Become recognized as an innovative firm.
  • In some cases, receive technical support from Hydro-Québec.
  • Based on the nature of the project:
    • Enjoy long-term electricity savings
    • Optimize power demand management
Receive financial assistance of up to 75%of your project’s
total eligible cost, up to a ceiling of

Take part in the program

Refer to the Participant’s Guide for more information about the eligibility requirements and how to submit a request.

Participant's Guide [PDF 532 Ko – in French only]

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Technological and business demonstration project evaluation criteria

The project review committee assesses the eligibility of all projects based on the following criteria, which are also used to determine the amount of financial assistance that is granted.

Energy impact

Based on the project objectives, these elements will be considered:

  • actual gains in energy efficiency attributable to the proposed measure, the unit gain of the intervention and the service life of the measure
  • the impact on demand-side management in peak periods as compared to standard or current technologies
  • equipment electrification

Potential market penetration in Québec

The participant must demonstrate the project’s:

  • deployment potential in Québec
  • deployment timeline (in months or years)
  • profitability for target customers

Innovation and originality

This criterion is used to determine:

  • the innovative aspect of the technology in Québec
  • the originality and performance of the business approach based on the project objectives

Qualifications and contribution of the applicant, customer or project team members

Project-related experience and the qualifications of the applicant, project team, team leader and business partners constitute an important evaluation criterion.

The committee will consider the significance and contributions of the project’s business and financial partners, as well as the effectiveness of the organizational structure in ensuring the project’s success.

Quality of the application and relevance of the reference materials

The clarity and thoroughness of the proposal (including technical data sheets in the case of technology demonstration projects and all reference documents) are taken into account in the review process.

Eligibility requirements

Technology and Business Demonstration (TBD) projects must explore proven, yet little-known, technologies whose viability in Québec has yet to be established. The project must focus on at least one of the following areas:

  • Use of a new technology
  • The new application or improvement of an existing technology
  • Adoption of an innovative business strategy

Electricity generation or self-generation projects are not eligible.

Note: Approved TBD demonstration projects may not be submitted for another Hydro-Québec energy efficiency program.

Ineligible projects

  • Projects already submitted or accepted under any of Hydro-Québec’s energy efficiency programs
  • Projects whose technology is at the R&D stage
  • R&D or business start-up projects
  • Projects aiming solely to advertise, promote or market a project or technology

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