View your consumption profile

Log into your Customer Space to view your profile. If you don’t already have a Customer Space, now’s the time to create it!

*large‑power customers: Contact your commercial officer to create your Customer Space.

Rate L or LG customers (5,000 kW or more).

A tool that lets you

  • See the amount of your bill to date and estimate your electricity costs between now and the end of the current consumption period*
  • View your monthly or daily consumption in kWh and compare it with the previous year’s electricity use
  • See your electricity use after a peak demand event and determine whether the curtailment measures you took were effective
  • Get an hour-by-hour breakdown of your electricity use over the course of a given day
  • See how temperatures in your region affect your electricity consumption and bill
  • Track and compare your electricity costs on a yearly basis

My consumption profile: always up to date

Video: Consumption profile

View your hourly, daily, monthly or yearly electricity use. With just one click, you can compare it to the same period in the previous year as well as discover factors that can vary your consumption.

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Are you billed for power demand?

Video: Consumption Profile with Power Demand

Your consumption profile presents additional features aimed at letting you better understand and control your energy use. Besides your bill and energy consumption to date, you can also see your:

  • Power demand components*
    • Real power
    • Apparent power (90%)
    • Minimum power demand
  • Power and load factors

Up to two years of power- and energy-use data by the hour, day and consumption period, all at your fingertips.

Rate L and LG customers can track their consumption using the VigieLigne Service.

* Hydro‑Québec establishes power based on 15-minute integration periods during which power demand is at its highest.

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Analyzing and downloading data

Choose the data you want to analyze and export the findings you want to put on file (e.g. in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet). Your options are:

  • All consumption periods or available bills
  • Daily or hourly energy consumption
  • Power for a 15-minute interval – when there’s a demand charge for the service address

You’ll also be able to save your data and undertake specific analyses. Bottom line: all the data that constitutes your consumption profile is there whenever you need it.

This feature is unavailable to customers who are billed for power demand.