Receive a notification as soon as your bill is ready!

Log into your Customer Space to sign up or view your bills.
Don’t have a Customer Space yet? Now’s the time to create one and you’ll be automatically registered!

*large‑power customers: Talk to your commercial delegate to create your Customer Space.

Rate L or LG customers (5,000 kW or more).

It’s so easy!

Access your bills anywhere, anytime: at home, on the go, at the office.

Receive a notification as soon as your bill is ready

You’ll get an e-mail message showing the amount due and the due date.

Never miss a payment!

With the Online Billing service, you can sign up to receive an e-mail alert five days before your bill is due.

No more piles of paper

Your online bills are automatically stored in your billing history for two years. You can find them quickly and easily from your Customer Space.

Hundreds of businesses are getting on board the energy shift!

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