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Sound energy management leads to guaranteed savings and a greater operating efficiency. See how our solutions can help drive the growth of your company.

How can you benefit?

By installing efficient equipment in your buildings you’ll increase productivity and generate recurring savings on your electricity bill.

By reducing your energy use during peak periods to earn a credit applicable to your electricity bill every winter.

Get financial support for energy-efficient solutions

Tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses, the financial support offered as part of the Efficient Solutions Program shortens the payback period on investments to purchase and install efficient equipment.

  • Up to 90%

    of the costs to purchase and install equipment generally covered by financial support

  • $91.4M

    in financial support by Hydro‑Québec in 2023

  • + than 3,180

    projects to optimize building energy use carried out in 2023 with financial support

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It pays to reduce your electricity use at the right time

Contract-free and flexible, the Demand Response (DR) Option can help you earn a credit when you lower or shift your energy use during peak demand events.

  • $42.5M

    in credits on the electricity bills of businesses and organizations that signed up for the DR Option in 2023

  • + than 1,300

    businesses and organizations enrolled in the DR Option in winter 2023

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Not sure where to start?

Our team can help you find the best solution to optimize your energy and cash savings!

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Results that speak for themselves

Our programs and offers have helped thousands of businesses in different sectors improve their energy performance.

Commercial market

Close to $70,000 in credits on the electricity bills of IGA supermarkets over a single winter

Read more about IGA supermarkets

Institutional market

With the DR Option, the CISSS du Bas‑Saint‑Laurent was awarded nearly $2 million in credits on its electricity bills between 2015 and 2023.

Read more about the CISSS

Industrial market

With the Efficient Solutions Program, IPL North America Inc. was granted $315,477 in financial support to upgrade its equipment.

Read more about IPL North America

See how other businesses have put their energy to work.

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More programs to improve the energy efficiency of your business.

Renewable energy certificates

Certificates that prove your business uses 100% renewable energy.

LogisVert Efficient Homes Program

Financial assistance for builders to install energy‑efficient devices in houses, multiplexes and residential buildings with 19 units or fewer.

Innovative projects

If you’re in construction or real‑estate development, you may be eligible for financial support for projects in high‑performance energy efficiency.

Technology and Business Demonstration

Get financial assistance to test the viability of innovations in energy efficiency and power demand optimization.

Electricity management systems

Financial assistance to help the industrial sector better understand and manage its energy use.

Dual energy

For buildings heated with natural gas: Reduce your GHG emissions and your energy costs. Take advantage of the dual‑energy offer, a partnership between the Québec government, Énergir and Hydro‑Québec.

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