Nature of the project

Existing building

Description of the measures implemented at a high school

Installation of:

  • A heat recovery system to preheat HVAC system air
  • A heat recovery system to preheat domestic hot water
  • DLC Premium-listed LED light fixtures
  • A new and efficient ammonia refrigeration system
  • A low-emissivity ceiling

Activity sector

  • Leisure (e.g. sports complexes, curling centers)

Total financial assistance $66,200

Project details

Measures implemented Financial assistance
Heat recovery system to preheat enclosure ventilation system fresh air (100-kW exchanger) $39,240
Installation of a heat recovery system to heat domestic hot water using a desuperheater on a 80-kW screw compressor $4,015
55 DLC Premium-listed LED light fixtures (25,000 lm) (support of $128.50/unit) $7,070
Installation of a new and efficient ammonia refrigeration system $11,875
Low-emissivity ceiling in the enclosure (surface area of 1,425 m²) $4,000
Total $66,200*
*Figures have been rounded.

Benefits to the measures and program

  • Refrigeration power consumption reduced through:
    • High-efficiency compressors
    • Low-emissivity ceiling
  • LED lighting fixtures:
    • Guaranteed energy efficiency of DLC-qualified LED fixtures
  • Up to 48% less electricity used when lighting with DLC Premium light fixtures compared with the market benchmark
  • 100% fresh-air intake systems:
    • Reduced heating costs through heat recovery
  • Reduced domestic hot-water heating costs thanks to heat recovery systems
  • Easy estimation of financial assistance with the OSE tool.

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